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Whirlpool Hydrotherapy

Why use a hydrotherapy bed?

Our water hydrotherapy equipment is an ideal alternative to hands-on massage by allowing the user to remain clothed and dry in a private, comfortable setting.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy beds?

Clinical benefits of our hydrotherapy equipment include increased blood circulation, decreased muscle tension, increased oxygen absorption, decreased muscular toxins and increased release of endorphins. Other clinical benefits of hydrotherapy include decreased blood pressure, increased muscular range of motion, increased muscle recovery, increased relaxation, and elimination of muscle guarding/spasms.

How will the user feel during a whirlpool hydrotherapy session?

While receiving a warm water massage with our machine, the user feels a powerful wave of water that has the ability to massage the entire body. The deep tissue water massage provided by our hydrotherapy equipment provides an overwhelming feeling of relaxation.

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